We provide jobs in  restaurants, hotels, nursing, food processing companies, sales and many more, depending on your educational background, skill and Japanese proficiency.

We do also assist you to find fully furnished apartments in Japan without any unnecessary charges. You don not need to worry about deposits, guarantor and any annoying documentation process.





Japanese Language Classes

Japanese classes are taught by the very qualified teachers, who have lived and studied in Japan for more than 7 years and have a first hand experience of Japanese culture, languages and corporate environment.

Skill Test Classes for New Working Visa

For those who wish to work in Japan under New Working Visa, we do also provide classes for all the 14 work fields.

Japanese Culture Classes and provide free counseling.

What differentiate us with others is that we provide practical education of Japanese business culture, Social Culture and day to day life in Japan.

Shiawase Nepal  Specialities

Japanese Language Training&classes /Skill Test Classes For New Working Visa(Tokutei Ginou)特定技能 

Special Classes For N4,N3 Level




Do you know ? renting apartment in Japan as a foreigner is difficult. But, leave that on us. We provide fully furnished apartments without any extra charges.

Japanese Language Course

We provide classes for all JLPT levels.